Danny Elmer

Joker of the peloton

Cliff Fearne

The Italian Job

Kevin Hewitt-Devine

Loves a challenge

Mark Farrow

Andy Hutchins

If It's In front he'll

chase it down

Paul Rayner

Alias "Tony"

Andy Mangan

Bicycle repair man

John Hunt

Dave Brown

Longest ride 3,000 miles

Eric Ooi

The Chef

Brian Bull

Whats does he keep

in that ruck sack?

Vivian Noble

Kerry Bullen

Tony Richardson

Sarah Mangan

John Scott

Ruth James

The Artist

Ralph Dalton

Single Gear

Steven Jones

Chris Brooks

Chris Mackman

Scrum Half (retired)

Graham Bentley

Michael Savege

Stephen O'Brien


Chairman: Danny Elmer

Secretary: Kevin Hewitt-Devine


The Club House:

The Club

Upland Road

Thornwood Common


Essex CM16 6NL




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